John Hill: CRM customization and Sales Process creation

Most entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to making a hire for sales. This is because the entrepreneur has had so many conversations, that they navigate them on an instinctual level. What if someone could come in and figure out what you are doing and create a process to make it easier to pass off to someone else?

Small sales teams always have gaps between performers and this is just accepted as the way it has to be. What if that is not true? What if there was a way to capture the best practices of your top performers and spread that knowledge among everyone else and use a CRM to track results?

We work with entrepreneurs and small teams to change the sales culture to one that looks at data to make adjustments instead of one that only looks at quota and revenue. This allows you to make changes and coach your team proactively.

Company name: John Hill, Adapted Growth
Years of experience: 2
Number of projects realized: 30
Pipedrive Specialization:
Data analytics
Data visualization
Marketing automation
Website integration
During the 1-hour meeting, I will: Learn about what you sell, how you track your results, and what you are hoping to accomplish by bringing in a CRM.
During hourly work, I will: Move your customer data into the CRM account. Interview management or top performers to figure out how to implement the CRM and get everyone bought into using it.

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