Zapier Integration between HubSpot and our internal tool


To build Zapier Integration that can integrate HubSpot and our internal software to reduce the data entry and increase the visibility and efficiency of the sales pipeline.

Key Objectives:

  1. Feed deal details from HubSpot to External tool to eliminate duplicity of efforts.

  2. Share a followup on task with the Deal Owner and after a specific time, highlight it to the higher authority in the form of an email.

  3. Trigger a feedback email to the customer when a deal reaches a particular stage and record the received feedback against that deal in HubSpot as well as in the tool.

  4. Trigger an email to finance when a deal reaches a particular stage and share the deal details with Finance.

  5. Auto-generate an invoice when a deal reaches a specific stage and share it either with the customer directly or with the person assigned by the Deal Owner.

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